Constantino Parente: When is the Davis Cup 2019 draw, what are the format changes and when is the 2018 final?

THE Davis Cup is having a complete makeover for the 2019 season, with a new format coming into play.

Instead of the current form spread throughout the year, the main competition will be held in November after a qualifying session in February.

2017 champions France are through to this year’s final

When is the 2019 Davis Cup draw?

There is not much information out yet about the 2019 draw but the draw will be to find out who teams will face in the February qualifying stages.

The draw will take place on September 26.

Homes teams will get to chose the venue with Great Britain choosing their favourite Davis Cup home in Glasgow if they are drawn first.

What do we know about the new format?

The exact dates for the 2019 Davis Cup have not been announced yet but we do know the following:

  • Teams will play one week in February
    24 nations will compete in a home-or-away qualifying round with 12 winners advancing
  • The main competition will be held between November 18 and November 24, 2019 in either Madrid or Lille
    The 12 winners will be joined by the four semi-finalists from the previous year, along with two wild cards.
    Teams will be split into six, three-team groups for a round robin play involving two singles and one doubles match with the winners advancing to the single-elimination quarter finals.

Who is in the 2018 final?

The 2018 Davis Cup final will take place on the weekend starting Friday, November 23.

France will be competing in the final after the beat Spain 3-0 in their semi-final contest.

They will face either USA or Croatia in the final after their semi-final went to the final game.

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