Constantino Parente: Lewis Hamilton dazzles in Singapore as ‘longest race of my life’ opens up 40-point gap to Sebastian Vettel

LEWIS HAMILTON dazzled under the Singapore spotlights as he opened up a 40 point lead over championship rival Sebastian Vettel.

The Brit showed no signs of jet-lag, despite racking up 53 hours – and 25,000 miles – on a plane in under 10 days, before stepping off and conquering the Marina Bay Circuit.


Lewis Hamilton opened up a 40-point gap to Sebastian Vettel[/caption]

Hamilton, who produced a magical lap the previous day to take pole, converted front spot into his seventh win of the season, while his nearest rival, Sebastian Vettel, was third.

Hamilton said: “In terms of my driving, I have these other things that I do outside which is stimulating. I know those questions at the beginning of the week asking if it is distracting.

“Naturally if you come here and you’re like ‘geez if I put one foot wrong people are going to point to the things that I do outside as a result of it’.

“But as you can see it doesn’t affect my performance and if anything those things add to the performance, really.”

Hamilton dazzled in Singapore after the “longest race of my life”
Four-time world champion Hamilton dazzled under the lights in Singapore
Getty Images – Getty
It was Hamilton’s seventh win of the season
Getty Images – Getty

After pulling over from his win, shattered Hamilton was sat hunched next to his Mercedes trying to regain his breath.

Having lost over 3kgs in sweat, the defending world champion recovered on the podium with swigs of Champagne to toast this crushing win over Vettel, who crossed the line 40 seconds behind.

Hamilton said immediately after climbing out of his cockpit: “I’m spent. It felt like the longest race of my life so I’m glad it’s over.

“It definitely got a little bit interesting towards the end with some of the backmarkers, which was incredibly difficult because you already felt the draft from the cars and my car started sliding a bit.

“Max Verstappen had an opportunity to pass at Turn 10, I had to go on a massive defence and even thought I was racing the backmarkers, they still weren’t lifting off.

“My heart was in my mouth. It was tricky but after that it was okay. It gets your hairs standing up for a second and then back to business.”

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